First Visit Guide

At Melbourne Shoulder & Knee, our aim is to provide you with all the information you will need to make informed decisions about managing your condition.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation at Melbourne Shoulder & Knee, Dr Vo will:

  1. Request detailed information about your symptoms
  2. Take a medical history of your current and past ailments
  3. Perform a thorough physical examination
  4. May request further tests or imaging

What To Bring On Your First Visit

Medical Information

  1. Referral Letter (Doctor or Physio)
  2. Medicare, DVA or Pension Card
  3. Private Insurance Details
  4. X Rays, MRI or CT Scans
  5. List of Current Medications
  6. Your Medical & Family History

Other Possible Information

  1. If work-related injury
    1. Employer’s Details (Work Claim)
    2. Employers Letter (Work Claim)
  2. Please advise our reception at the time of making an appointment if you require an interpreter.

During Your Initial Consultation

Mr Austin Vo will spend time to listen and try to understand what your underlying problem is in order to help you.
After a thorough assessment, Mr Vo will determine what further investigations may be required to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition in order to formulate a management plan.

The duration of your initial appointment will be 20-30 minutes.