Frequently asked questions relating to Telehealth:

  1. QN: Am I eligible for an Orthopaedic Telehealth Video / Phone Conference appointment with Mr Austin Vo at Melbourne Shoulder and Knee?
    • During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, Telehealth appointments are available to anybody requiring specialist orthopaedic shoulder and knee advice by Mr Austin Vo where deemed appropriate. Our Review Patients will be Telehealth (unless patient prefers to attend the clinic) and all New Patients will be onsite (unless patient is from a rural area).
  2. QN: How much will a Telehealth service cost?

    The Telehealth service is charged as a normal consultation. A Medicare rebate can be claimed immediately following payment. Payment can conveniently be made via credit card over the phone.

  3. QN: How does Telehealth Video / Phone Conferencing work?
    • Firstly, as per all Specialist appointments, a medical referral from your GP / Specialist is still required prior to your Telehealth appointment. You may find that during the COVID-19 Health Crisis, the majority of GP’s/Specialists would also be consulting via Telehealth, so please contact your referring practitioner to enquire about obtaining a referral to see Mr Vo.
    • For Video Conferencing, you will require access to a desktop computer / laptop device with camera facilities (preferable) or a smart phone.
    • You must be able to access your email account from the device you have chosen to use.
    • At your scheduled appointment time, Mr Vo will send you a Telehealth conference link via email inviting you to connect with him. All you need to do Is open your email and click on the link.
  4. QN: Do I need to download any particular applications for Telehealth Video Conferencing to wok?
    • At MSK, we have chosen to use a video conferencing service called “ZOOM”
    • You DO NOT need to download any applications to connect with Mr Vo as is works via an invitation he sends to your email address.
  5. QN: What do I need to do to prepare myself for my Telehealth Video Conference?
    • Ensure your computer is on, ready to go and your emails are accessible”.
    • Have the sound on your device switched on.
    • Have a chair accessible in case Mr Vo requires you to be seated as you may be required to do some knee/shoulder range-of-motion assessments (depending on your injury).
    • Knee patients: please have a bed or couch nearby and camera far enough for Mr Vo to see the whole leg.
    • Shoulder patients: Please have something nearby that weighs about 1KG (like a water bottle or 1KG dumbbell) as you will need to demonstrate “lifting” for Mr Vo during your consultation.