Urgent Injury Clinic during Covid-19

During this challenging time, MSK remains open and continues to offer urgent and prompt assessment of all acute shoulder and knee injuries. This will be done via Telehealth as much as possible, unless clinical circumstances require a face-to-face consultation. We fully support the Goverment’s decision to cancel non-urgent surgery during the pandemic for the safety of the community as well as to preserve vital stocks of PPE. We are also fully aligned with the Government and AOA’s position that care for emergency (urgent and essential) orthopaedic surgery for Australians must be preserved at the same time to prevent future disability.

The conditions deemed urgent CAT 2 and that may still require urgent surgery during the pandemic include:

  • Locked knee due to bucket handle meniscus tear, loose bodies or detached OCD
  • ACL rupture with locked knee as above
  • Acute shoulder tendon ruptures including pectoralis major, distal biceps or a young patient with acute traumatic rotator cuff tear

Acute Assessment and Management

At the Urgent Knee Clinic you will receive:

  • An early assessment within 1 week.
  • Professional injury management to facilitate an early return to sport.
  • Urgent MRI scans and other imaging as required.
  • Dedicated access to physios and sports medicine partners.

Urgent Injury Patients

Patients suitable for this clinic are those who have:

  • A recent acute injury (sporting or recreational activities).
  • Aggravated an existing knee injury.
  • Been advised by their GP that immediate attention is required.
  • or attended an Emergency Department and been told further management is required.

Urgent Injury Referrers

If you have a patient with an urgent shoulder or knee injury, you can obtain urgent appointments or just receive prompt advice by:

  • Contacting or email [javascript protected email address]
  • You will then be provided with Dr. Austin Vo’s direct mobile number and he will be more than happy to advise you over the phone.

Requirements for Urgent Injury Clinic Appointment

Patients requiring an urgent appointment should:

  • Contact MSK directly by telephone on any time.
  • Diagnostic imaging is not essential (this can be arranged after a review if indicated).
  • Referral from another doctor to allow you to claim medicare rebates for your consultation.