Is Latarjet Right for You?

Is Latarjet Right for You?

Is Latarjet Right for You?

Recurrent Shoulder Instability

Shoulder dislocations are common injuries, especially in young, active people, and after an initial shoulder dislocation, repeated dislocations can become common.

Some develop severe instability of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint and dislocations occur easily.

Recurrent shoulder dislocations can further damage the joint, and surgery can be required to stabilize the joint and prevent further damage.

Latarjet surgery is designed to prevent repeated dislocations.

Damage in the Shoulder from Dislocations

Shoulder damage can start with a torn ligament called a Bankart tear. This is common in patients with a shoulder dislocation history.

With subsequent dislocations, additional structural damage to the cartilage or socket bone is common. These become more difficult to repair.

Impact of Shoulder Socket Damage

Bone damage can affect either the ball or the socket of the shoulder, and this damage can lead to bone loss or fractures.

Further, shoulder damage can wear the socket down, increasing further shoulder dislocation and damage.

Why Consider Latarjet Surgery?

One treatment for Anterior Shoulder Instability and shoulder bone loss is the Latarjet procedure. This surgery is designed to augment the shoulder with additional bone as well as a dynamic soft tissue sling.

The Latarjet procedure increases the amount of bone in the shoulder socket, to restore shoulder structure as well as allowing tendons attached to form a sling that helps to support the shoulder in the front of the joint.

The Latarjet procedure is preferred for those patients who have worn away at least  20% of the shoulder socket. It is also considered in patients with less bone loss from the socket but are still at high risk because they are young, male and play collision type sports such as AFL.

About Latarjet Surgery

The Latarjet procedure is a well established and successful option for the restoration of stability to the shoulder joint.

Your Next Step

If you are experiencing Shoulder Instability, Dr Austin Vo can offer advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and suitable treatment.

We would advise that you see your general practitioner to obtain a referral to see Dr Vo at Melbourne Shoulder & Knee and arrange an appointment now for peace of mind and body.

Dr Austin Vo is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne who is focused on conditions and treatments for the Shoulder and Knee.